The Creative Space for Savannah's musicians.

Our brand new Art Gallery and Music Studio brings the best of both worlds under one roof to help your dreams come to life.

Suntone Recording Studio and Live Room

Suntone Recording Studio features a 600 sq ft live room as well as two isolation booths and a comprehensive inventory of equipment that caters to any style of workflow, inside the box or out. However, we also understand that fancy gear is not the only ingredient to a quality recording. Our goal is for Suntone to feel like a home away from home, where artists can sink right into their creative flow and realize the full potential of their vision. In addition to the recording studio, we also provide a cozy lounge, kitchen and courtyard area where bandmates can take a break while singers are doing overdubs, or the drummer is tuning their kit to be just exactly perfect.

Rates vary depending on session requirements and amount of time required.  Contact us for a personalized quote for your project. 

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Studio Equipment

Console/Outboard Gear

  • 32 Channel API 2448 Console
  • ATC Monitoring System
  • Neumann KH 310 Monitors
  • Apollo x16 Interface (x2)
  • UAD-2 Satellite
  • UA LA-2A
  • UA 1176LN (x2)
  • Tube-Tech CL1B
  • Manley Stereo Vari-MU
  • Empirical Labs EL8X-S Stereo Distressor
  • Bricasti Model 7 Stereo Reverb
  • Radial Reamp Box
  • Radial Direct Boxes
  • Hearback Pro 16 Channel Monitoring system


  • Neumann U47 FET
  • Neumann U87 Ai Stereo Pair
  • Neumann KM184 Stereo pair
  • Neumann U67 Tube Mic
  • Sennheiser MD421 II (x4)
  • Coles 4038 matched pair
  • Royer R-121 Stereo pair
  • Sure SM57 (x6)
  • Sure SM7B


  • Mesa Boogie Mark V:35
  • Fender Hot Rod Deluxe III
  • Vox AC-15 w/ Alnico Blue speaker
  • Ampeg PF-20
  • Hughes and Kettner QT600


  • Reddick Guitars Voyager
    w/ modular pickup system


  • ProTools
  • Ableton 11 Suite
  • Logic Pro
  • UA Plugin Suite

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