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Good Vibrations

(Located on Studio Level of ArtStryngs Gallery adjacent to Recording Studio)

Suntone Recording Studio offers Good Vibrations, a 10 x 12 (192 sf) rehearsal studio, acoustically treated for optimum sound, for clients who need a space to rock out without disturbing their neighbors, or to flesh out ideas for new material. Comes equipped with a full drum kit, two guitar amps, bass amp, keyboard and PA/monitoring system for vocalists. Elevator access makes it easy to bring instruments and other equipment into rehearsal space. Studio Level includes a small kitchen, lounge area and access to our courtyard, for our clients to enjoy a break during their scheduled time. 

Rehearsal Rates: $100 for a 3 Hour Block (Minimum Booking) which includes time needed for set-up and breakdown. Discounts available for additional hours or multiple block bookings. 

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